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Project Inspire 8th Convention

Join us March 3-5th, 2017 at the LARGEST Project Inspire Convention in history! Experience an unbelievable getaway filled with gourmet food, uplifting tefillos, and dynamic programming. It’s more than just an inspirational retreat, it’s plugging into a worldwide movement! As

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New Single – GAD ELBAZ & NISSIM – Hashem Melech 2.0

In an exuberant explosion of music, Israeli legend Gad Elbaz joins forces with rapper Nissim Black as the two take to the streets of New York City proclaiming Hashem’s eternal majesty. GAD ELBAZ & NISSIM – Hashem Melech 2.0 Lyrics

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Malchus Choir Performing “U’Vneh Yerushalayim” Acapella Live

In honor of the Bein Ha’Metzarim, the Malchus Choir is presenting an emotional vocal clip from a live performance that was arranged on the roof of the Aish Hatorah building that overlooks the Kotel Plaza. The song they sang was

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AISH: What Makes Rosh Hashana Beautiful

Check out Aish Hatorah’s new Rosh Hashanah music video. Watch more Aish High Holiday videos at Aish Singers: Yaakov Yosef Spadaro Dan Lerman Yaakov Tzvi Hoffman Aryeh Pridonoff Additional Aish singers on the recording: Moshe Chaim Eade Yisrael Castel

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AISH presents: Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages – Official Hanukkah Video

FREE: Download the MP3 Visit for more Chanukah inspiration. The parody of all parodies! “Chanukah: Rock of Ages” is parody of Chanukah parody songs and the Jewish holiday parody songs in general that have become so popular. To

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Aish Hatorah Presents The 8th Day who brought us the HIT SONG YA’ALILI Sunday October 30th 2011 – 4pm Berman Center For The Performing Arts Ticket Prices: $45, $35, $18 Reserve @ 245-327-3579

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The worldwide release of a hot new CD – on 0

Click here to download tracks from “Beautiful Mystery” – for free! The journey of singer-songwriter Zacharia is filled with twists and turns and stunning surprises. Born in Toronto, Zach was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as “Burkitts

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