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Roi Yadid & Invei Hagefen With A Pure Video: Lev Tahor & Mesikus Hatorah

Roi Yadid & Invei Hagefen With A Pure Video: Lev Tahor & Mesikus Hatorah

The famous musical ensemble, Invei Hagefen starring Roi Yadid is working on a new album. On the way there, they release a pure and sweet music video that includes the songs Lev Tahor (Belz) and Mesikus Hatorah (Rabbi Hillel Paley).

The clip that was filmed at the Western Wall plaza fits well with Roi‘s and the band’s agenda: a combination of old and new, a combination of Jewish music styles and the combination of unifying populations. “What is exciting to connect and sing from the pure heart to the sweetness of the Torah, in the holiest place in the world for the Jewish people?” Roi explains in the explanatory notes to the video. “I would like to thank Hakadosh Baruch Hu for having lived in holiness and purity.”

Yadid has been identified for years as a talented musician who sings and creates original songs alongside sacred songs, Jewish and Israeli. The man with the cap and curls is considered an icon of Jewish music. Roi Yadid, a soloist in the excellent “Invei Hagefen” group, is happy almost every evening with celebrations in Israel and around the world. The band was founded by Rabbi Noam Chayat when he was a Avrech at the Kerem B’Yavneh Yeshiva. Since then, the ‘Invei Hagefen‘ ensemble has been the largest in the Jewish wedding scene in Israel and around the world for 38 years!

As mentioned above, Roi joined them in the past 18 years, as a discharged soldier from the army rabbinate at the beginning of his career. Now, 18 years later, Invei Hagefen and Roi Yadid have already released two albums of the band, and Roi himself has released two other solo albums of original songs, and over time they have appeared thousands of times in Israel and around the world and have delighted the Jewish people with sanctity and purity and a great mission. .

Now, in honor of the Chag of Pesach, and on the way to a third album together, conducted by Noam Chayat and the musical direction of Roi Yadid and Rafael Balzam (the band’s keyboardist) together with the rest of the band, they release a thrilling performance by Roi Yadid and members of the Invei Hagefen band at the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter.

Lev Tahor Lyrics: From the sources (liturgical poem in the Sabbath night)
Melody: Belz Hassidism
Mesikus Hatorah Melody: Rabbi Hillel Paley
Production – Noam Chayat, Raphael Balsam and Roi Yadid and members of the Invei Hagefen band
Directed and edited by: Talia Taub

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