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Israeli Dance Set 2 – Yossi Shtendig ft. Beri Weber & Shira

Israeli Dance Set 2 – Yossi Shtendig ft. Beri Weber & Shira

You’ve seen us transform simchos into exhilarating celebrations.
We now present to you an electrifying experience like never before…. music, energy, song and dance…!

We wish you a great listen!
Beri Weber—Yossi Shtendig

Performed by: Shtendig Musicality
Sung by: Beri Weber
Conducted and Remixed by: Yossi Shtendig
Choir: Shira Choir conducted by Eli Sprei
Yiddish lyrics by: Lipa Schmeltzer
Lighting and video walls by: Dynamic Vision
Production: Duvid Shtendig
Stage Manager: Shmash
Audio Post Production: Avrumi Berko
Post Production: Leiby Fasten
Live Sound: Yoely Karpen
Filmed by: Motty Engel
Video Edited by: Studio62

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