Zusha Releases New Album “Open The Gates”

by yossi | January 17, 2022 8:53 am

The phenom known as Zusha, is an American Hasidic folk/soul band from New York. They formed in 2013 with lead singer Shlomo Gaisin and guitarist Zachariah Goldschmiedt. The band, named after Zusha of Hanipol, combines traditional Hasidic niggunim with styles like jazz, folk, and reggae.

Zusha is set to release their sixth studio album titled “Open The Gates.” Last week they released the first single off the album titled “Hareini Mechavein”. This album, unlike the group’s previous 5, features some of the world’s greatest talents: Ishay Ribo, Eviatar Banai and Eitan Katz.

As one listens to this album, you almost feel like you’re walking through the streets of Paris or the old city of Jerusalem. The songs are warm and inviting, intimate yet powerful, and draw the listener to a meditative, introspective place.

Just like the trees purify the air, Zusha hopes with their music to infuse light, positivity and unity into the world. Their music is here to heal the soul and help each listener reclaim a sense of wholeness and authenticity. This album offers something unique and redemptive to the world of sound, a breath of fresh air, much like a tree.

Lecha Dodi” features world renowned Israeli artist Ishay Ribo, and is especially captivating, bridging different voices and vibes together. This collaboration was a long time in the making and it seems appropriate as the message is all about going out to greet the Shabbat Queen. Shabbat is that time when we step outside of our regular routines to jump into a time beyond time, a space beyond space, where all of our souls unite in song. The song is sweeter than honey, joyous and bright, and the final product is soulful, refreshing and uplifting. ”

Open The Gates is available for digital download and streaming on TU B’SHVAT – Monday January 17th .


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