Zusha – Hareini Mechavein

by yossi | January 4, 2022 12:17 pm

Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of a child?

Our new song “Hareini Mechavein” takes one back to that pure, imaginative place, the posture from which children so intuitively approach the world. The enchanting melody relinquishes all one’s inhibitions, allowing one to reclaim their inner child.

The lyrics of the song originate from a Kabbalistic ‘prayer before prayer’ as an intention to set one’s focus for the day.

הריני מכוון לעשות את עצמי כסא ומרכבה לשכינה הקדושה.

“Behold, I intend to make myself a throne and a vehicle for the holy, divine presence.”

In essence it is a prayer and intention for one to remember why we are here. Each day we are granted myriads of opportunities to formulate our thoughts, choices, conversations and behaviors in ways that draw down divine presence.

In order to get into the right headspace we can recall a child drawn after something they suddenly deem important, it could be a red balloon or a toy horse. As we grow older and wiser, we aspire to be drawn towards more meaningful and impactful things, in the case of this prayer, we wish to be become a stable, consistent host for divine presence and a reliable vehicle for divine purpose.

It’s with the simplicity of a child that we are drawn into the magic and majesty of holy purpose.

Directed and edited by Jon Seale
Cinematography and color correction by Ben Stamper
Aerial photography by Luke Sellick
Featuring Eitan Goldstein, Shmuel Goldstein, and Jon Seale

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