Zaka Announces Massive Unity Concert For Israel

by yossi | October 29, 2023 12:29 pm

Zaka, the world-renowned organization of Chesed Shel Emes, has just opened ticket sales for “One Heart One Song“, a unity concert featuring Jewish Music’s biggest stars.

We’re all feeling broken up about the situation in Israel. We all want to help, but many of us don’t know how. One thing is certain. We can all use a night of achdus and chizuk, to come together as one nation.

Since the moment the first siren sounded in Israel on October 7, Zaka’s volunteers have been on the front lines, risking their lives, and performing true Chesed Shel Emes.

They have been working round-the-clock to identify our fallen brothers and sisters, and to make sure they have an honorable burial.

While Zaka volunteers practice the utmost mesiras nefesh on every level, they need our support to make sure they have the necessary equipment to stay safe, and to continue their holy work.

With this goal in mind, Zaka has just announced a massive unity concert titled “One Heart One Song”.

This incredible evening of achdus and solidarity featuring Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, Mordechai Shapiro and Benny Friedman will raise much-needed funds to enable Zaka to carry on their holy work.

The event will take place on Sunday, November 19 at The United Palace in Manhattan.

Tickets are on sale now at For information and sponsorship opportunities, email [email protected].

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