Zacharti – Naftali Kempe, Motti Feldman, Motti Illowitz

by yossi | June 2, 2022 10:49 am

In memory of Shmuli Silverberg z”l, a bachur we lost too soon. Shmuli embodied Torah and the geshmak that it gave him. He was continuously working to achieve the highest level that he can and through that inspiring other bachurim to succeed in learning. There’s no other message that Shmuli would want to give over other then keep at it, keep shteiging, no matter how difficult it may be, continue to persevere and make Hashem proud.

Shmueli Sha’ah is a learning program dedicated leilui nishmas Shmuli. One hour a day that a bachur chooses to set aside to learn leilui nishmas Shmuli will be greatly rewarded for their commitment and part in this meaningful cause.

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Thank you to Zelig Silverberg and Ari Margolis and to the anonymous donors

Yiddish lyrics: Written by Motty Illowitz

Piano: Zev Becker
Guitars: Motty Feldman
Drums: Avi Avidani
Strings: Yoed Nir
Flute and sax: Avromi Basch
Mix: Shai Sivan
Master: Aran lavi

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