YTI Presents: Al Hanisim, The Debut Single of YTI Singer/Songwriter SIMZ

by yossi | December 27, 2019 3:47 pm

Welcome! to YTI‘s 2019 Chanukah musical release Al Hanisim by SIMZ. This brand new song was sung, composed and written entirely by one incredibly talented new addition to the YTI family – Sholom Bochner (Queens, NY), also known as SIMZ. What you are listening to here is YTI member Sholom Bochner’s (AKA SIMZ) first ever full scale production, resulting in something extremely original, edgy and full of light, a fresh take on the classic “Chanukah Song”. SIMZ somehow combined his sky-high musical and creative talent, humor, seriousness and a dose of Chanukah inspiration, resulting in a highly entertaining song combination we just don’t hear every day. What resulted was something special and quite entertaining.

Sholom Bochner (Queens, NY) is an artist and individual who has been an incredible addition to the YTI family of talent. One of the deepest, and one of the funniest members ever to walk through our doors, in “Al Hanisim”, Sholom combines those traits masterfully. Combining that with lyrics that portray true heartfelt thanks to the One Above for all the miracles Hashem has done for our nation then and now, resulting in one of the most original and entertaining Chanuka song combinations you will ever hear. Listen for yourself.

Listen, enjoy, share and may we all have a Freilechen Chanukah and a beautiful Shabbos!

Lead vocals, music, melody and lyrics by SIMZ
Backup vocals by SIMZ
Co-produced and arranged by YTI staff producer Chesky Schlesinger and Eliezer Goldman
Mixed and mastered by Chesky Ifrah (YNI studios)
Cover art by J. Montilla
Cover concept by Sholom Bochner

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