Yossi Bayles With A Powerful Message For Our Soldiers “Erdof Oyvai”

by yossi | November 22, 2023 12:44 pm

After the tragic events of October 7, Yossi Bayles struggled to find the right words and melodies to convey his emotions. At the beginning, Yossi felt a strong desire to help and dedicated his time and connections to make the necessary arrangements and phone calls to facilitate the release of a shipment of 70 suitcases filled with much-needed items that were initially blocked in customs. This initial small mission served as a catalyst for Yossi‘s larger mission which led to gather and distribute over 7 million dollars’ worth of gear, and army equipment for the IDF.

However, Yossi‘s true language remains music, and he felt that his contribution to the army and the cause was not yet complete. He decided to revisit an unfinished song titled “Erdof Oyvai”. Drawing inspiration from Tehillim (Psalms), the song features poignant lyrics about pursuing enemies with unwavering determination.

Yossi’s ultimate hope is that “Erdof Oyvai” will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation and that the song will give our soldiers strength and resilience in the face of adversity.


Composer | Yossi Bayles

Arrangements | Yossi Bayles, Oren Avroya, Jorge Silvestrini

Drums | Oren Avroya

Guitars | Camilo Velandia

Recorded at Dream Sonic Records 2023

Studio Engineer | Eric Vasallo

Mixing | Oren Avroya, Eric Vasallo

Master | Hook&High Mastering by Shmulik

Video Clip | Studio MATISHRIKI

Public Relations | Yossi Zweig

Background Vocals | Kobi Ravivo, Shmuel Shimel, Safi Schwartz, Aaron Chakmon, Dani Rotenberg, Rafi Ben Naim, Aaron Horen, Chaim Tzvi Bayles, Oren Avroya

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