Yosef Zev Braver With a New Single Composed & Arranged by Yanki Cohen

by yossi | July 27, 2018 8:03 am

Some of you might recognize the duo from their hit song and the spectacular music video ‘Ki Lo Yidach‘ released two years ago.

Ki Nicham’ is a modern Chassidic song, it is one of Yanki’s first compositions. Yanki first recorded a demo of this song a few years ago. And when he played it for Yosef Zev, they knew they were going to release it together, to celebrate the pair’s deep connection to Jeruslaem. “The uniqueness of ‘’Ki Nicham’ is that it is expresses the feeling of happiness of Am Yisroel in the days
following Tisha B’Av, in a form of a yearning song with a modern beat,” says Yosef Zev. “The song is connecting and empowering. I am sure that the audience will connect to the depth of it, which expresses the prophecy of Isaiah, as we live and see the process of its fulfillment with our own eyes, when the streets of Jerusalem fill with hope, joy and gratitude. That’s why we chose to release it on Tu
B’Av in honor of Shabbos Nachamu,” added Yosef Zev.

The song was composed by Yanki Cohen on the words in Yeshaya 51:3
Composed by: Yanki Cohen
Arranged, Mixed & Produced by: Yanki Cohen
Sung by: Yosef Zev Braver
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כִּי נִחַם ה׳ צִיּוֹן נִחַם כָּל חָרְבֹתֶיהָ וַיָּשֶׂם מִדְבָּרָהּ כְּעֵדֶן וְעַרְבָתָהּ כְּגַן ה׳ שָׂשׂוֹן וְשִׂמְחָה יִמָּצֵא בָהּ תּוֹדָה וְקוֹל זִמְרָה.

Ki nicham Hashem Tzion, nicham kol churvoseha.
Va’yasem midbarah k’eden v’arvusah k’gan Hashem.
Sason v’simcha yimatzai vah, todah v’kol zimra.

For the LORD has comforted Zion; He has comforted all her waste places, and has made her wilderness
like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD; joy and gladness shall be found therein,
thanksgiving, and the voice of melody.
Yanki also musically arranged and produced this special song, and together with Yosef Zev he presents
another fine piece of work.

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