Yosef Daniel With A New Single “Ata Kadosh”

by yossi | December 26, 2020 6:47 pm

“A breath of Fresh Air,” says Menachem Herman describing Yosef Daniel‘s new song “Ata Kadosh” from his new album “El Rey,” Spanish for “The King.” “Ata Kadosh” directly taken from our third bracha of the Amida, the Kedushat HaShem. “No one’s higher,” a powerful truth that still remains, is the opening line, alluding to the Marom.

The fact that nothing and no one is higher than HaKadosh Baruch Hu, including the challenging times we are enduring. During this Corona Pandemic consumed year, we’ve been in and out of quarantine, we’ve been attached to the daily news and world media intake has increased. As the intense battle between the Kedusha against the Tuma in this world continues, our biggest challenge is our focus.

Our Rabbanim have always pointed us towards teshuva, tefilot and mitzvot during trying times. David HaMelech emerged from a personal relationship with HaShem, a singer, eventually a warrior in battle representing HaShem Tzevakos. Before, during and after the coronation, the kingship and the wars, David HaMelech’s focus was on Tzidkut, on the Kedusha.

As a result, David HaMelech founded the Beis HaMikdash, drawing up the blueprint and instructing his son Shlomo HaMelech for the construction of it on Har HaMoriah. That drive to recreate the Kedusha, bringing back the Avodat HaShem for the Levi’im and the Kohanim is and will always be Am Yisroel’s ultimate life goal.

Yosef Daniel sings his allegiance to that specific cause, declaring HaShem’s Kedusha into his personal life as well as to the entire world.

Ata Kadosh” can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Recorded & Produced by: Royal Palace Media in Israel

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