Yoni Shlomo With A Plea To Hashem: “Hashkifa Mimoin Kadshecha Min Hashomayim”

by yossi | August 19, 2020 8:47 am

On the occasion of Rosh Chodesh Elul – the month of mercy and forgiveness, the international chassidic singer Yoni Shlomo releases a second single from his upcoming third album, just two months after unveiling the first single from the glorious album “Vetaher“, countless times on radio stations.

Hashkifa” is a song that carries the strings of the soul, consists of the moving melody of Pinky Weber and the special arrangement by the great arranger Moshe Laufer. The moving words are from the wording of the tefillah said by the other kohanim who went up to duchen to bless Am Yisrael with love.

“Although only two months have passed since I released the single “U’semaher” about which I received extraordinary responses, Yoni tells us,” but in the atmosphere of the month of Elul and as a result it was decreed from on high that the corona virus is still here and does not appear to be leaving. Soon after, I decided to release a second single from my new album, which in the eyes of these words from this special tefillah of the kohanim, together with the inspiring melody of Pinky Weber, expresses the request that every Jew asks Hashem to have mercy on the people of Israel and reach peace and rest to our lives, and ultimately the Geula really soon.”

Composer: Pinky Weber
Arranged by: Moshe Laufer
Drums: Ran Vered
Bass Guitar: Arie Berkowitz
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Piano: Eli Laufer
Wind Instruments: Rafi Davidov and the Guys
Violins: Eyal Shiloach
Recording Singing, Mixing and Mastering: Yaniv Blass
Actual production: Moshe Fattal
Cover Design: Levik Tubul

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