Yoni Shlomo In A New & Freilach Single: “V’Hisanag”

by yossi | June 19, 2022 7:05 pm

The chassidic singer Yoni Shlomo, who appears at chassidic events and conquers huge deaths around the world, releases a bouncy chassidic single composed by Rabbi Meir Teichtel, Rabbi of the Chabad Oberville community in France, known for his fine melodies.

The arrangement was entrusted to the talented Ami Cohen, who is responsible for quite a few singles and major projects in the chassidic music industry.

Composer: Rabbi Meir Teichtel
Lyrics: Psalms 57
Musical arrangement: Ami Cohen
Choir: Yedidim International
Children’s Choir: Chassidimelech
Mix and mastering: Ami Cohen

Source URL: https://www.thejewishinsights.com/wp/yoni-shlomo-freilach-single-vhisanag/