Yoni Z Releases The Official Summer Anthem: POWER [Official Lyric Video]

by yossi | June 21, 2019 8:44 pm

Just in time for summer, Yoni Z drops his new anthem, “POWER,” paving the way towards his second album.

“My first album and singles were very much a conversation ‘Bein Adam LaMakom.’ This time, I wanted the song to speak to people on a more personal level; ‘Bein Adam Lechavero,’ reminding them of their own inner strength,” says Yoni.

The single, like all of Z‘s work is accompanied by a cutting-edge visual; this time, a neon-themed lyric video produced by his brother, Yossi Zigelboum.

POWER” was composed and written by the renowned songwriter Mordechai Brezel and Yoni, and arranged by Israeli mega producer Eyal Mazig.

Yoni concludes, “I hope the positive message in this song resonates with each and every listener, regardless of their age or stage. I’m excited to finally share it!”

Happy Listening!

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