YONI Z – Boee [Official Music Video]

by yossi | January 22, 2022 7:00 pm

With the release of his sophomore album on the horizon, Yoni Z drops the second single ‘Boee’, a Chuppah power ballad off the highly anticipated project.

Composed by Yoni and a full symphony accompaniment arranged by Shoimy Salzman, ‘Boee’ will give you that instant classic feel, a first from the artist who is most identified with his upbeat pop hits.

“On my debut album, I was still learning the ropes and co-writing a lot. I wanted to write this album alone, so it is very much reflective of personal experiences and emotions and the hope to grow as an artist, but more so as a person” Yoni shared.

The music video shares this sentiment in a more personal expression than its predecessors. Filmed in the heart of a wonderland-like New York, it is sure to make you feel the warmth of the lyrics that echo through generations of the most special moments of Chassanim and Kallahs on their big day.

May it be a Zchus for all those searching for their better half to find their Bashert very soon, Omein.

Composed by Yoni Z
Additional Writing – Shloimy Salzman
Arranged by Shloimy Salzman & Yoni Z
Recorded at Zaltz Records, Monsey, NY
Mixed and Mastered by Gil Telman
Artwork by Sruly Lipszyc
Special thanks to Yossi Zigelboum

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