Yonatan Shainfeld with NEW album “Na’ar Hayiti”

by yossi | December 31, 2010 10:10 am

Yonatan Shainfeld 2 Cover

Yonatan Shainfeld has been really busy lately. After just releasing his NEW DVD “Live In Tel Aviv” which included  two new singles, “Just do it[1]” and “Shira Besimcha[2]“. Now Yonatan is set to release his second album, “Na’ar Hayiti” which contains ten tracks featuring the best musicians from Israel and abroad.
Shainfeld only only 14, is a  graduate from the Israeli group Kinderlach. His solo career began half year ago with his debut album “Kulanu Yachad[3]“. Since thenYonatan has received numerous responses and airplay on radio stations which included in a wave of shows around the world.

Below you can hear the new single single “UvTuvo Hagadol” off the new album.

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