Yonatan Razel In The Acapella Version Of The Song “Mehager”

by yossi | April 26, 2022 10:07 am

On the occasion of the sefiras HaOmer, Yonatan Razel is releasing a special performance of his latest single ‘Mahagar‘ in a vocal version adapted for later days. His joint musical production with Itai Tzuk.

Yonatan Razel says: “With bare hands and sound only we went to record this version of the song ‘Mahagar‘. From what can be derived from the human mouth without the use of musical instruments, so there is a combination of creative joy, but also a memory of these days that we can not play “Full Volume” because we did not respect, do not respect each other enough. Maybe this sense of lack of sound will soften the heart a bit? I wish.”

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