Yoely Weiss – I Love Hashem

by yossi | August 15, 2016 5:46 am

A new Kumzits song has hit the world with the name “I Love Hashem“.

The words are from the holy Reb Nachman in his sefer Meshivas Nufesh,

The song is composed by Shlomo Nechemya Rosenberg, and sung by the famous Yoely Weiss also known with his popular Kumzits band “TIKKUN CHATZOS

Music arranged and produced by Moishy Schwartz aka @moishyguitar

Background Vocals: Moishy Schwartz and Eli Shprei
Vocal editing: MK Studios
Mix & Master: Baba Z Burger
Graphics: [email protected]

Source URL: https://www.thejewishinsights.com/wp/yoely-weiss-love-hashem/