Yissachar Dror – Shemashiach Yavo

by yossi | September 26, 2021 1:54 pm

Presenting, singer Yissachar Dror in a new and energetic single “Shemashiach Yavo“. Yissachar Dror was blessed with a wonderful voice, which touches on the high notes that others find difficult to reach, combined with a special sweetness and cordiality.

During the first months of the corona virus, his father, who was full of Torah and piety that strengthened many, was taken from us by the virus. Dror will channel the grief and sorrow over his father’s death into a message of poetry, faith and hope and most importantly a connection to his father’s character. Dror has already released duets with Yitzy Waldner himself and Ari Goldwag in the production of the renowned composer Yitzy Waldner, and now he is returning for the first time in a rhythmic and happy single with a message of hope “Shemashiach Yavo.”

Yissachar Dror: “When my father passed away about a year and a half ago, I shared my pain with the listeners through the single and video “Memories“. During the year of mourning I released five silent songs, some in the acapella style. With a message of hope, how wonderful it will be when the Mashiach comes and with the help of Hashem and there will be no more pain in the world at all.”

Music Credits:
Composed & Produced by Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Music Arrangements: Ravid Kashti
Mixed and Mastered by Ron Tichon
Vocals Recorded @ Studio6 Lakewood, NJ
Backing Vocals: Yitzy Waldner, Ravid Kashti, and Yissachar Dror

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