Am Yisrael Chai – Chaya Kogan- עם ישראל חי – חיה קוגן -Kol Isha- For women and girls only

by | October 4, 2021 10:49 am

When Operation Guardian of the Walls was taking place in Israel in May of 2021 to restore order when thousands of rockets were being fired at Israeli civilians, I kept hearing of incidents of Jews bullied and attacked on streets across the world. And the one sole reason? For being associated with Israel.
I was horrified that this land that is rightfully ours, handed down to us from generation to generation from our forefathers to this day, was the reason Jews were feeling unsafe to leave their homes all over the world!
I created a song to help every Jew feel proud of our small but special country, and proud of our nation too.
May we all merit to come back home and live peacefully in the holy land of Israel!
❤ Chaya

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According to jewish tradition, men aren’t permitted to hear women sing (Who aren’t immediate family).
Being on the internet open to everyone, I kindly request your consideration for my religious practice.
I create my music “By women for women”.
Thank you!

Thanks for watching friends!

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