Yesh Li Tatte: Ruli Dikman’s New Hit Song

by yossi | June 19, 2022 8:47 am

Singer Ruli Dikman just released a with a new single-video ‘Yesh Li Tatte‘, which is expected to become the soundtrack for all of us this coming summer. The lyrics and melody are created by Eli Klein for his musical arrangement and production together with his partner Yitzy Berry.

In his new and sweeping song, Ruli also performs for the first time a rap segment in Sea-Part, along with a refreshing atmosphere video that illustrates how in every situation we find ourselves in “we have a tatte”.

Ruli Dikman, one of the most respected and prominent singers in Jewish chassidic music, has signed many hits such as Koach Haratzon, Meirim Oti Tamid, Gadol Hashalom and Yamim Yafim. These days he is busy closing his second diverse and intriguing album that will be released after the holidays.

Lyrics and melody: Eli Klein
Musical arrangement and production: Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry
Photo: Yehuda Rosen

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