Yerushalayim (Acapella) Levi Cohen ft Yedidim Choir

by yossi | July 11, 2023 10:20 am

Join me in Yearning for what we’re missing, Yerushalayim is so close yet so far. We’re all on our way to Yerushalayim, every step we take, every experience we have, every thought we think is, and always has been part of the master plan, we’re on our way from Galus to the Geula, we’re on our way to Yerushalayim.

Produced by Eli Dalinsky
Composed by R Shlomo Carlebach & Yehuda Green
Arranged by Netanel Noyman
Choirs by Yedidim Choir
Mixed by Chaim Gottesman
Video by Asher Arnold
Edited by Joel Gilbert
Special Thanks to
Elozor Hersh
Hillel Frickers
The Cave Jerusalem
Avremy Cohen
Chaim Aaron
Linda Aaron

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