Towards The New Year: Chaim Pollak & Meir Adler In An Exciting Duet – “V’yeda Kol Po’il”

by yossi | September 24, 2022 4:56 pm

A Chassidish Bren…
Chaim Pollak and Meir Adler

“וידע כל פעול”

A random meeting in the studio between the musician Reb Chaim Pollak a singer and a man of passion, and loved by all his listeners, and the minister of music for the Viznitz household Reb Meir Adler, created an exciting and touching project, a special duet between the two to the pure song composed by Reb Kalmen Shtekel ZT”L to the well-known composer in the holy courts Viznitz, the music sung in Viznitz during the Yomim Noroim.

Watch the work, enjoy the kedusha of the chasidic world and enter the holiday with an authentic chasidic feeling.

The duo promises to persevere and continue producing holy and pure works from Abba.

Poetry: Haim Polak, Meir Adler
Composer: R. Kalman Shtekel, late
Arrangement and piano: Meir Adler
Background vocals: Itzik Filmer
Synth and mix: Yanki Landau
Editing and color direction: Hershi Segal
Photography and lighting: Yosef Shalest
PR: Berish Filmer
Graphics: Zaira
Special thanks to the Hasidic conductor Avigdor Klein

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