Yakov Shwekey to perform at Libi Bamizrach

by yossi | August 12, 2010 2:53 pm

A little over a month after Yaakov Shwekey concluded an impressive week in Caesarea with two performances, which summarized the first decade mostly in his successful career, he returns to Israel with a NEW show promoting his latest album “Libi Bamizrach“. The show will feature the new songs with a nice variety of other hits. Yaakov will be be joined by the famous Hasidic singer Mendy Jerufi who recently finished¬† just finished recording a new album. Jerufi will make the best hit songs and innovative arrangements. Shwekey & Jerufi will be accompanied by the Shira Chadasha Boys Choir lead by Nachman Seltzer.

The show will take place on Monday August 30th, 2010 (chof Ellul) in Rechovot.  To purchase tickets please call: 02-9666141

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