Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Lemmer “It Is Shabbos”

by yossi | September 15, 2014 6:10 pm

A Collection of Teffilos and Yiddish songs of Shabbos. Accompanied By The S.F.Y. Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, Arranged & Conducted by: Dr. Mordechai Sobol, Musical Producer: Ofir Sobol

A time of physical rest.
A time of spiritual elevation.
A time for family bonding and last but not least… a time for intent prayer and joyous song.

Through the music in this album, Chazzan Yanky Lemmer strive to present the contrast between Shabbos joy and sincerity. The songs portray the gaeity and jubilance of Shabbos, while the Teffilos (Prayers) represent the magical interactions we encounter on Shabbos, on a deeper and more mystical level.

It is Yanky’s sincere hope that you enjoy this album, and take some of these timeless melodies to grace your Shabbos tables.
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1. Mimkomcho
Composed by one of the most celebrated artists in Jewish music – Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

“From Thy place our King, shine forth and reign over us for we await Thee. When wilt Thou reign in Zion? Speedily, in our days, dwell there forever more.

2. Rozo D’shabbos
Composed by the legendary Cantor Pierre Pinchik. This mystical Kabbalistic text describes the union of various aspects of Hashem’s holiness on Friday evening at the commencement of Shabbos. Taken from the Holy Zohar, we learn how the Holy One, Blessed Be He, ascends His throne, the world is illuminated by the celestial light of creation, and all forces of evil and severe judgment are dispelled.

3. Yismach Moshe
A beautiful song from the Shabbos morning liturgy. The predictability of melody, rhyme and text make this a wonderful selection to sing with children around the Shabbos table.

4. Gut Fun Avrohom / Zul Nokh Zayn Shabbos
A child begs his grandmother not to say the Motzei Shabbos prayer (Saturday Night Prayer) as it would signal the end of his wonderful day of rest.

5. Kehilos Hakodesh
A dirge for Jewish martyrs throughout the ages, from the Shabbos morning liturgy.

6. Mamele
Reminiscing about the intense experiences of motherly love, especially during Shabbos candle lighting.

7. Ad Heino
Duet with Cantor Simon Cohen to the text from the Shabbos morning liturgy that proclaims Hashem’s greatness.

8. Shabbos Koidesh
A Yiddish song depicting the third and final feast of Shabbos. A time of intense spiritual elevation but with a feeling of dire loss as Shabbos is about to leave us. We are consoled however, with the knowledge that the ultimate Shabbos will come soon, with the coming of Moshiach.

9. Hamavdil
A Yiddish song with some text of the Motzei Shabbos (Saturday Night) liturgy. We beg Hashem to forgive our sins and send us a week of blessing.

10. Yedid Nefesh
A Yiddish / Hebrew song with some text, this time of the Seudah Shlishit (Traditional third Shabbos feast) liturgy. We beseech Hashem to grant the sick perfect healing. Composed by Cantor Samuel Malavsky.

11. Zemiros Medley
A potpourri of Chassidic Shabbos Zemiros composed by Oscar Julius. I first heard this piece as young boy, when my father played a record of my mentor, Cantor Moshe Stern.

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