Waterbury Mesivta – Letter To G-d

by yossi | June 19, 2020 10:19 am

Letter to G-d” has no description and the reason for that is because we believe that the song will mean something to different to each person who hears it. Whatever meaning you may find in this song.

Produced and arranged by: Aryeh Kunstler
Composed and written by: Gavriel Reichmann and Dovid Edell
Official Lyric Video by: Asher Jeremias
Artwork by: Ariel Shamouelian
Vocals: Dovid Edell, Shlomo Ghoori, Gavriel Reichmann, Chaim Ghoori, Moyo Orlofsky, and Aryeh Kunsler
Instrumental Arrangement: Aryeh Kunstler
Thunder Drums: Dovi and Max

Aryeh Weiss: Thank you for the constant support and time you give to me and all of your boys.

Aryeh Kunstler: Aryeh, you really nailed it again. Thank you for the devoted attention you gave this song; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Shlomo: Thank you for always being there for your friends and using your talents purely to help lift us up. Thank you, bro.

Moyo: Your musical talent and ideas are incredible. You make everything better and you add so much to every song. Thank you.

Chaimito: Thank you for giving us your beautiful voice and harmonies. You add so much to the vibe. Thank you for being there.

Gavriel: You took this one to the next level. Truly happy I got the honor to write this with you. Thank you so so much.

Ashi: You are unbelievable. You gave me so much time, worked insanely hard to make this video, and made sure it was just the way we like it. I really learn so much from you. We couldn’t do it without you either. Thank you.

Yaakov Hillel: Thank you for being ready and there whenever the boys need you. You worked insanely hard on the first one and came back to do more. You’re amazing, thank you.

Shammooo: Thank you, Sham! You’re insanely talented in your artwork. You brought a beautiful picture to the music. Thank you for the time you spent on this.

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