Vocal Heartstrings Album From Chaim Blumenfeld feat. Shir V’Shevach Boys Choir

by yossi | May 1, 2024 3:16 pm

During Sefira and the Three Weeks, we immerse ourselves in the essence of music, tapping into its raw emotion and intrinsic beauty—the Heartstrings. By stripping away all extraneous layers, particularly musical instruments, we establish a direct connection with the fundamental core of musical expression, thus fostering a deeper sense of intimacy, primarily through the use of the human voice.

How better to experience it than through a curated collection of 12 handpicked songs, rendered by the resonant, rich and warm voice of Chaim Blumenfeld, complemented by the soothing vocal arrangements of Chaim Meir Fligman, enriched with the violins of voices of the Shir V’shevach Boys Choir.

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