TZUDIK behind the scenes of his debut album “BROTHERS/Breider” Video

by yossi | January 3, 2012 12:29 pm

Singer/Chazzan TZUDIK (Greenwald) has released four singles to date, “Blessed in Heavens Eyes[1]”, “Gadlu[2]“, “Ano Avdo[3]“, and “Modim[4]”. The debut album entitled “Brothers/Breider” is a Yossi Green production composed and arranged by the one and only Mona Rosenblum. The album features 13 songs from composers like; Yossi Green, Mona Rosenblum, Shua Fried, Moshe Laufer, Ken Burgess, Pinki Weber and more. For more on Tzudik check out his website Since the album will be out in a week or two Tzudik released this behind the scenes video.

  1. Blessed in Heavens Eyes:
  2. Gadlu:
  3. Ano Avdo:
  4. Modim:

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