TYH Nation Presents: Hatzileini – DJ Farbreng ft. Lazer & Moshe Storch + Pinchas Deutch & Nekuda Tova

by yossi | November 20, 2023 8:17 pm

TYH Nation Presents

Hatzileini | הצילני

DJ Farbreng ft. Lazer & Moshe Storch + Pinchas Deutch & Nekuda Tova

It’s not that often in one’s lifetime that a song comes to light that is new, but feels like it’s always been there. 

Hatzileni is one such song. 

Well over a decade ago, a holy yid in Jerusalem by the name of Yitzchak L’kutei Tfilot showed up at Nekuda Tova, a beautiful and lively makom torah utefillah in Meah Shearim, and for years would sit in the Ezras Nashim and sing and sing and cry while praying to Hashem, as he would daven the words of Likutei Tefilot.  In that corner one could find a pure and holy Eved Hashem, turning to his Creator in sweet sweet song and prayer.

R’ Pinchas Deutsch from Nekuda Tova would sit with him and listen to his songs until one day, Yitzchak L’kutei Tfilot shared the song Hatzileni and immediately inspired The Nekuda Tova Chevra to bring this song to the world.  The song became a fixture in the community, even being played at the legendary VaserTreiger farbrengens and anybody that has visited Nekuda Tova has most likely danced to Hatzileni at some point.

Legend has it that the holy composer, Reb Yitchak, is ben achar ben from the Holy Baal Shem Tov, and this song definitely came down from very high places. 

Just a few months ago, when we saw a clip of R’ Lazer Storch singing this song, we knew we needed to get involved in the avodah.  R’ Lazer along with a large chevra were trying to return to Yerushalayim after spending Rosh Hashana in Uman, but they were stuck for many hours at a border crossing davening for passage while singing this holy tune.

We are releasing the song to coincide with the parshios of Yakov Avinu, who was the first to use these words as he turned to Hashem. Since the time of our forefathers we as Jews have always turned to Hashem during battle.  Faced with a threatening force, Yakov Avinu turns to Hashem and his preparations for battle are focused on preparing his primary weapon- His Prayer.  Turning to Hashem to save us from all enemies, is our inherited, tried, and tested battle cry and even when times are very difficult we call out Hatzileni to our loving Father- Please save us and help us through these trying times.  

Now, more than ever, the world needs this song.

Let’s get all of Klal Yisrael, in both the physical and spiritual army bases to sing and daven together- 

“HaTzileni, Abba HaTzileni, Miyad Achi Miyad Esav.”  

Mashiach Tzidkenu Bimiheira Biyameinu!

Composed by Yitzchak L’Kutey Tefilot 

Inspired by Pinchos Deutch 

Music Produced and Arranged by Izzy Drihem 

Video Filmed and Edited by MatiSHRIKI Studio

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