TOMBÉ – DOVID HAZIZA – M. Pokora cover

by yossi | August 1, 2020 8:58 pm

As people, we go through many happy and challenging times in our lives as everyday brings something else. Dovid Haziza presents, for the first time, an amazing cover of a French song that will inspire and entertain you!It’s a pop song “Tombe” by M. Pokora in Hebrew. Dovid‘s French Morocan background brings an added layer of dimension to the authenticity of this track. The notion of the song gives the idea that we fall many times but that’s part of getting back up and trying again. The video vividly expresses this concept and although things may seem tough if we trust Hashem to help us out we can attain incredible miracles. ⁣

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Song Credits:
Director – Tzvi Simchon
Produced and Edited by Tzvi Simchon Productions

Original Song – M. Pokora
Hebrew Lyrics – Yitzchok Hertz
Mixing and Mastering – Gold Records studio
Vocals done by – Gold Records Studio
Guitars – Aryeh Kunstler
Digital/PR/Design – Sruly Meyer
Graphics – Rafi Barides

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Big thank you to Moshe Baskin, Moe Safer, Gedalia and Yisrael Hoffman, Ezra Eliyahu, Ray Dunn, Eagle Productions, M&G Rentals and Executive Collision for sponsoring!

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