First Time Ever In History! An international All Star Cast Being ‘Mekabel Shabbos’ In The Holy City Of “Tzfas”

by yossi | February 15, 2023 2:58 pm

First time ever in history!

Malchus Choir, Zanvil Weinberger, Naftali Kempeh, Levi Falkowitz, Dovy Meisels, Aaron Razel – Being ‘Mekabel Shabbos’ in the holy city of “Tzfas”!

Between these magical walls and ancient alleys have gathered an international ‘all star cast’ to be “Mekabel Shabbos” in song. ‘Zanvil Weinberger’ curled up in high notes, ‘Naftali Kempeh’ in the Yeshivish style, ‘Levi Falkowitz’ took a flight all the way from New York together with the king in Kumzitz ‘Dovy Meisels’, last but not least we had ‘Aaron Razel’ join us as well and made the way up to ‘Tzfas’.

There’s no better place to perform such a medley heart stirring and also uplifting oldies, then just to sing it here in “Tzfas”, the city in which the Heilige ‘Reb Shlomo Alkabetz’ who wrote the holy piyut of ‘Lechu Dodi’ lived. These melody’s were collected and put together as one by the famed ‘Pinchus Bichler’ of ‘Malchus Choir’ and a very phenomenal performance was born.

In this medley of oldies brought together from old Chassidishe Tzadikim, marches from Dziakov and dance melodies from Vurka, folk tunes by R. Shlomo Carlebach that became an integral part of the life of the piyut ‘Lecha Dodi‘, alongside selected artistic pieces that came from Vizhnitz, Yiddish rhymes that were engraved for the piyut sang in Bobov, alongside the beloved ‘Boee Beshulom’ by R’ David Werdyger, from the compositions of R. Yankel Talmud, who concluded the creation.

In the middle, between the arched gates and the typical stone houses, the old men and residents of the city fill the floating alleys, as they are watched preparing for ‘Shabbos’ spreading its wings over the city; Its ancient synagogues are being prepared for Shabbos, with a group of Klezmer musicians playing the ‘Lechu Dodi’ piece in the background.

The musical arrangement was completed to perfection by the maestro ‘Yehuda Galili’, the video was directed & edited by ‘Hershy Segal’ number 1 in the Heimish Community in this field, and was produced by ‘Michoel Tzi’.

Project Management, Digital PR by Avremi Goldstein
Mixed by Chaim Moses
Filmed by Yosef Shlust

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