Time To Dance | Chaim Blumenfeld, Moishy Glick, Zemiros

by yossi | October 16, 2018 10:45 am

Enjoy this exhilarating dance medley, combining the savor of yesterday’s classics with the fad of today’s hits.

Brought to you by the soloist with a voice full of timbre and charisma, Chaim Blumenfeld. Accompanied by the cutting-edge programming and electrifying musical instrumentation of Moishy Glick & Co. Topped by the uniquely tight yet broad sound and groovy vocal arrangements of the Zemiros Choir, arranged and conducted by Yoily Polatseck.

This medley is surely going to get you to move to the beat, while at the edge of your seat.

Lead Singer: Chaim Blumenfeld
Music: Arranged & Conducted by Moishy Click
Choir: Zemiros

Guitar: Nachman Dreyer
Trombone: Danny Flam – New York Brass
Sax: Ron Bertolet
Trumpet: Jordan Hirsch

Yoily Polatseck – Arranger/Leader
Yoely Friedrich
Berl Karpen
Toivy Friedman

Live Sound/Engineer: Lazer Berkowitz
Post Production: Yoily Polatseck
Mix & Master: Gershy Schwarcz – Edgware Studio
Video: Motty Engel
Editing: Leiby Wieder – Studio 62

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