Taussig Fans Everywhere!

by yossi | August 11, 2009 9:20 am

Taussig Fans Everywhere!!!

Here’s how I would define Shloime Taussig’s performances in the Catskill Mountains this past Motzei Shabbos/Sunday; ‘Taussig Fans Everywhere’. I had an amazing time accompanying Shloime on his whirlwind performance tour, and I’ll do my best to describe the scene at each destination.

Shloime left to Camp Shalva on Motzei Shabbos. Arriving backstage he met Yisroel Werdyger and Shrage Gestetner who were also performing there, and Gershy Moskowitz (his Producer).

From R-L; Gershy Moskowitz, Shloime Taussig, Yisroel Werdyger, Shrage Gestetner

This wasnt Shloime’s first time in Camp Shalva, but it was his first performance there this summer. Shloime got a grand welcome from the kids as he walked onto the stage. Shloime started out with singing some old songs, and then sang some songs from his new album Moidim Anachnu.

Shloime Taussig in Camp ShalvaShloime Taussig in Camp Shalva

(Almost) ALL campers were singing along with gusto. Later in the program Shloime did a set of lebedige songs together with Yisroel Werdyger and Shrage Gestetner.

Shloime Performing with Yisroel Werdyger and Shrage Gestetner in Camp ShalvaShloime Performing with Yisroel Werdyger and Shrage Gestetner in Camp Shalva

After Shloime finished in camp Shalva he decided to go visit Shloime Reichberg from Mekimi and Moshe Steinmentz from Yad Efraim, who were in a nearby bungalow colony. As he walked into the colony the yungerleit started out singing Hatov Ki Loi Chulu Rachamecho from his new album Modim Anachnu.

Shloime Taussig in Mountain Hill bungalow colonyShloime Taussig in Mountain Hill bungalow colony

As per their request, Shloime sat down with them to finish up the Kumzitz that went on till after the Alos Hashachar. Shloime davened Shachris Vusikin in that colony.

After getting a few short hours of sleep, the day started out in Tzehlim’er camp, in the Parking lot Shloime was welcomed by Motti Illowitz (who is a counselor in camp), and by other Counselors.

Shloime Taussig with Moti IllowitzShloime Taussig with Moti Illowitz

Shloime was introduced to the children by the head counselor Rabbi Moshe Portugal. Rabbi Portugal told the children that Shloime sang by some of his children’s weddings and is an amazing singer. He then asked the children to show Taussig that they also know how to sing, the children sang the STUNNING camp song – composed by; Moti Illowitz.

Shloime singing in Tzehlim'er CampShloime singing in Tzehlim’er Camp

Shloime then started out singing Hareini Mezamen with the children singing along, he also sang a few other songs from his album. The kids kept on requesting that he should sing Mi Shemamin, so Shloime called up Moti Illowitz (the composer of this song) and together they sang a beautiful Chazunis introduction to Mi Shemamin (made up on stage). They then sang the song a couple of times.

Shlime singing with Moti IllowitzShlime singing with Moti Illowitz

They finished up in Tzehlimer Camp with the kids cheering “WE WANT MORE”, but the kids had to go back to their classrooms.

Shloime took some photos with the counselors and head counselor.

Shloime with Rabbi Moshe PortugalShloime with Rabbi Moshe Portugal
Taussig with the Goldring BrothersTaussig with the Goldring Brothers

Passing by the Monticello Town it was nice to hear Taussig’s new album playing on the loudspeakers of a few stores.

Next up; Camp Kinor Dovid which is located in a section of Camp Ma-Na-Vu, Shloime had the זכיה of being Mesameach the children there, accompanied by C M Schwartz on the keyboard. Shloime sang lots of lebedige songs, all the children adults were dancing the whole time, and some of them even went up to sing along with Shloime (as Shloime later explained to someone who asked why he lets these children sing on the mike even though they cant sing, “it is a big Mitzvah to be Mesameach these children and adults, some of them have a much bigger joy when they can sing on the mike in front of other people, in such a case that’s the Mitzvah we do”).

Shloime singing in Camp Ma-Na-VuShloime singing in Camp Ma-Na-Vu

The big surprise for Shloime came towards the end of his performance, when the boys from Camp Ma-Na-Vu came in to the gym to join him, and they all just started singing out loud ‘HATOV KI LOI CHALU RACHAMECHU’, Shloime was noticeably delighted to see another crowd that knows and loves his CD. He then wrapped things up and took some photos with the staff and kids.

Taussig with the staff and campers from Kinor Dovid. On his left is seen Rabbi Moshe Bransdorfer (program Director)Taussig with the staff and campers from Kinor Dovid. On his left is seen Rabbi Moshe Bransdorfer (program Director)

The Hit of the Day

Shloime then headed out to Camp Yeshiva. Two counselors were standing at the entrance asking him not to go in through the regular entrance because they want to make a surprise for the children.. Shloime had already received a few calls during the day from parents of CY campers, asking him that he should send regards to their children. But the counselors decided to get the children more excited by pretending that Shloime Taussig is NOT coming, the concert started when a counselor just went onto the stage to sing some of Taussig’s new songs. As expected the kids were very upset that Shloime Taussig himself is not coming, but they didn’t wait too long before seeing Shloime walking onto the stage from the back door.

Taussig in camp YeshivaTaussig in Camp Yeshiva

The kids’ excitement was much bigger after having given up on his appearance. Shloime started out with his most popular song amongst Chasidishe Camps (one of the counselors told Shloime that it was sung the previous Shabbos to Lecho Dodi) Hareini Mezamen. He then went on to sing different lebedige songs, including some from his new album. Shloime finished up the night by singing the camp song – Kilunu Keechad Yachad from Dedi.

Shloime with some of the counselors on stageShloime with some of the counselors on stage

After Maariv Shloime was interviewed by one of the counselors for the camp video that comes out after every summer. They asked him all about his career, album, and about his “journey” over the past 24 hours.

Shloime being interviewed for the camp videoShloime being interviewed for the camp video

As in previous camps, in CY too Shloime left a few CDs for the head-counselor to raffle off at a later time.

Shloime in Camp YeshivaShloime in Camp Yeshiva

Asked what he had to say about the past 24 Hours, Shloime answered “B”H that everything went much better than expected, the feeling that a singer gets seeing that adults and children from different ages, crowds and backgrounds know the songs of your album and like them are indescribable”.

We are just left with wishing Shloime he should have Hatzlacha in all that he does.

Videos will be uploaded shortly iy”h.


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