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by yossi | June 23, 2020 8:27 am

This song has been a prayer and a journey for 3 years now. From my first time playing and singing it on a journey through Poland, witnessing the destruction and horror of the holocaust with my NCSY family, to praying this song together with people all across the world, different countries, faiths, background, and stories. Prayer (TeFEELah) offers us the ability to transcend our own smallness, and connect with something so much bigger than all ourselves. For me that is what this song embodies. I poured my heart, soul, and tears into every moment of this in the hopes that perhaps, it can touch the soul of even one person who needs to hear it. I pray that these words become a prayer on the lips of anyone yearning to return to their father in heaven.

FATHER music video, a prayer from the depths. Filmed on a journey from the pain and history in Poland to the old city of Jerusalem. A song and journey of return and prayer. Watch till the end for something special!

Video Produced by Eliezer Meir (Markus) Cohn.
Video Shot by Eliezer Meir Cohn and Kamil Nastyk.

Composed, Sung, and Prayed By: Tani Polansky
Production and Sound Design: Brian Forbes (Sefirot Records)
Mixing and Mastering: Brian Forbes (Sefirot Records)
Vocal Arrangement: Gedalia Penner
Choir: Jacob Spadaro (Soprano), Ari Mandelbaum (Baritone), Josh Eisenberg (Alto), Mordy Weinstein (Tenor), Dovid Rubin (Bass), Tzvi Moshe Wagman (Backing).
Piano: Tani Polansky
Strings: Arranged and recorded by Maria Brodskaya (åmbe)
Bass: Brian Forbes
Guitars: Brian Forbes
Drums: Brian Forbes
Album Artwork- Natalia Kadish

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אחת שאלתי מאת ה׳ אותה אבקש
(I have one question to ask G-d and that is all I’ll ask)

שבתי בבית ה׳ כל ימי חיי
לחזות בנועם ה׳
ולבקר בהיכלו
(I want to dwell in the house of Gd all the days of my life, to see the radiance of Gd and enter his sanctuary)
(Ps. 27)

Father, bring me back to you
Back into your loving arms
I’ve gone so far, so far from home,
but I’m begging bring me back to you,
Back into your loving arms.

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