Tal Vaknin Preforms “Modeh Ani” by Omer Adam In A Way You Hever Heard Before: Four Different Languages [Official Music Video]

by yossi | June 27, 2018 11:03 am

Tal Vaknin is an internationally acclaimed singer and composer in the Jewish Pop and soul music, spreading joy in all the Jewish communities around the world. Tal just released a magnificent version of the well-known song “Modeh Ani” translated to FOUR different languages: Spanish, French, English and the original Hebrew. The song was originally performed by Omer Adam, written by Avi Ohayon and composed by Asaf Zuria.

While Tal travels to all the Jewish communities around the world, he got to an understanding that when he performs this song many people sing along with him, but they don’t understand the meaning, simply because they don’t speak Hebrew. The exiting project “Whole World -Modeh Ani” is the result of a big wish Tal decided to fulfill to help every Jew understand the deep meaning of this amazing song. Following this single Tal will shortly release his debut album titled “Whole World- Modeh Ani” that is all about Soul -well known Jewish lyrics wrapped with top quality production.

Some of Tal‘s previous singles also became big hits, including the songs “Anneni Ba Shirim” written by Kobi Aflalo which reached the top of the hit list back in 2014, later the song “Neshama” made many souls fill with love, and of course the song “Emunah“, a duet staring Tal and the international megastar Gad Elbaz became a hit song worldwide.

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