“S’Zicher Git”: Debut Single By Feivel Greenberg

by yossi | October 15, 2020 8:39 pm

“A Double M Production”

While sitting in my bed in my Jerusalem apartment my phone rang disturbing the peaceful night. I hear the heartbreaking news in a low shaky voice my grandfather just passed from this world. Immediately we began discussing about getting tickets to make it on time for the Levaya.
As soon as I hung up the phone I reached for my guitar as I mumbled the words “Kol Mah….Letav UVid” with deep emotion. And then the song came flowing from my heart.

Now that my grandparents will be joining me on my special wedding day. I find it most appropriate to release this song I composed in honor of my grandfather who was my inspiration.

Composed & Sung by: Feivel Greenberg
feat: His Younger Brother Moshe
Choir: Pinchus Raab, Leivy Fasten, Chesky Buchinger, Beri Hershkowitz & Avrumy Stern
Strings Conducted: Misha Gutenberg
Violin: Misha Gutenberg & Laura Vollis
Viola: Mialt Zhiza
Cello: Nahum Katz
Electric Guitar: Ari Kohn
Bass Guitar: Shlome Spielman
Music Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by: Mendy Mertz • Double M Productions
Cover Design & Description: Pinchus Raab • PR Marketing Group
Video: Benzion Bornfreund • B&B Studios
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein • MusicOnTime
Special Thanks: Lipa Meisels • Super Sound Studio, Mendy Kohn • Tonein Recording Studio

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