Stage Art Presents: “Shmulik Klein” – Yaamoid!

by yossi | August 21, 2022 11:21 am

In an ingenious video accompanied by pure Jewish humor, the energetic singer Shmulik Klein who has long since become the hottest name on the event and wedding scene, describes the order of the Torah reading stand, when the Jewish collector begins the arrangement of the refreshments, from the stage of taking out the Torah book to putting it in the Aron hakodesh.

“The time has come to express all the negotiations surrounding the honoring of the Torah with an appropriate song,” says Shmulik and adds “I had siyata d’shmaya that this interesting song found its way to me.

The song was composed by the well-known composer Shia Biner, who is also the author of the hit song “Al Kol HaHoidcha Chai Chai Chai“, while the arrangement and musical production was entrusted to the young arranger Avromi Sternfeld.

Composed by: Shia Biner
Arrangement: Avromi Sternfeld
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Voices: Mandy Goldberg
Sound production: David Taub
Mix: Yanki Cohen
Photography: Nati Alber
Editing and color direction: Hershi Segal
Concept consulting: Pinchas Bichler
Graphic design: Shimon Rochman sdr advertising
Public relations: Israel Rosen – on the front

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