Sruly Green With A New Single for Purim: “Ich Bin Down”

by yossi | March 15, 2022 7:38 am

Sruly, who has released hits like “Bizt A Gita Mentch,” “Meshiga Git” & “UhhAhh” is back with another banger!
This particular song came about, after Sruly did a long stretch of Retzifus at Yeshiva Kochvei Ohr. Sruly and his Chavrusa Yitzy realized they were the only people left in the Beis Hamidrash.
Sruly understandably asked his chavrusa; “would you still like to continue learning”?
His Chavrusa’s two word reply was, “I’M DOWN”.
I’M DOWN” was composed right then and there.
That night the song was sent to Sruli Broncher who made some changes and really made the song pop. Thank you Sruli!
Vocals were recorded at Gershi Schwartz studios who also added his twist to the track. Shout out to Gershi!

Recorded & Mixed By: Gershy Schwarcz @Edgware Studios
Music By: Sruli Broncher
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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