Srulik Miller & Members of Kumzits “Havdallah”

by yossi | February 1, 2024 9:16 am

Chasidic singer and Kumzitzer Srulik Miller launches an invested and high-quality musical performance, in which he also performs the best known “Havdallah” songs of Carlebach, accompanied by a high-quality and interesting music video that was filmed at the ‘Sima Bililios’ institutions in Jerusalem, together with his friends, in a happy and full of unity atmosphere.

Srulik took the inspiration for the performance from the text of the musical Hafdalah and the poems of R. Shlomo Carlebach, this is a continuation of the great success of the string of Kumzitz poems that was published about six months ago and received very warm responses.

Credits: arrangement and keyboards: Yonatan Beloy

Guitars: Nachman Halwitz

Wind instrument: Dor Asraf

Mixing and mastering: Haim Mozes

Graphics: Sarah Ashrov Photography

color and clip editing: Natan Epstein

PR: Mendi Kurnat

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