Sruli & Netanel – Pesach Medley

by yossi | April 1, 2020 3:03 pm

When the Jewish pop duo Sruli & Netanel announced on their Instagram pages last nigh, that they are separating forces and breaking apart to go their own way. The news revealed on the Kikar Hashabbat website drew hundreds of agitated reactions from the stunned fans in just a few hours, with some wondering whether the rumor was true, or that it was a prank.

So yes. The duo released the information as a April Fools prank, the pair decided to have some fun, stretching the segment with a farewell.

“The truth is, we planned to pull it off until April 2,” the duo says, “but we received a flood of hundreds and thousands of messages and phones from all over the world. So many sad and angry messages from fans begging us to come back and continue to work together and not give up on our musical enterprise. So we decided to expose te hoax and let everyone else in on the joke a day early to calm their spirits. While reading all the personal messages, we also suddenly realized how powerful the music is, and how many people we have been able to touch over the years. It’s just exciting and amazing, and we love all our fans dearly.”

The new, dance single is a string of joyful Pesach songs that will take your Pesach cleaning go a little faster, and remind you that even out of isolation, we go out of slavery to freedom!

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