Sruli ft. Elish & Grayman – Bo Nohav [Official Music Video]

by yossi | October 11, 2021 3:44 pm

Composer and arranger Sruli Broncher opens the fall with a tickling and colorful pop bomb.
The fresh single ‘Boh Ne’e’Hav‘ talks about free love, acceptance of the other, and how important it is precisely in a time when the whole world is in chaos, that we will all unite from all corners of the nation as one loving and cohesive family.
The song written and arranged by Sruli and features new singer ‘Elish‘ and rapper ‘Grayman‘.
And with Sruli as with Sruli, you know there is a turbo-paced clip that will sing your mood.

So we will change: “אין לנו עוד זמן לבזבז על מלחמות… בוא נאהב היום!”

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