Sruli Broncher Feat. Meir Green – Adeloyada (Purim 2021)

by yossi | February 15, 2021 2:30 pm

There is nothing like a Purim and bouncy dance song to lift the mood. With Sruli Broncher and Meir Green standing behind the song, expect higher-than-usual energy.
In honor of Purim, the two talents joined forces to release a new and exciting single called ‘Adeloyada‘, which was composed and arranged by Sruli.
The amusing words the two wrote together.
And if because of the corona you are still not sure that you want Purim, you should take a look at the colorful and cheerful video that will put you in the atmosphere of the Purim meal לצהלה לשמחה לששון וליקר!

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