Special for Motzei Shabbos: Kumzitz Singer Duvid Berger & Dudi Kalish With A New Song “Rabeinu”!

by yossi | January 10, 2021 8:48 am

Kumzitz singer and performer Duvid Berger well known with his beautiful voice, having performed each and every night at different stages and different events and Simches, and makes Yiddem happy through music and song presents together with legendary composer Dudi Kalish the brand new song “Rabeinu” and it’s concept and lyrics are from the special prayer the Heilige Kedushes Levy had written to say on Motzei Shabbes.

Rabeinu” was first performed at a Melave Malkah and Siyum that took place at the Beis HaBunim auditorium in Kfar Menachem where Duvid was special invited to come from the US.

At the event “Fire Band” in leadership of Yanky Landau and Neshamah Choir led by Itzik Filmer both accompanied with beautiful new arrangements written by Dudi Kalish special for this new song.

Duvid hopes and yearns that in Zechus of this holy prayer we should be able to relive the words said in it “לגאולה קרובה, ולתחיית המתים וברכה והצלחה לכל עם ישראל”.

Sung by: Duvid Berger & Dudi Kalisch
Composed& Arranged by: Dudi Kalisch
Produced by: Aba Berkowitz
Vocals recorded by Moishy Kraus – MK Studios
Keys & Band Conducted by Yanky Landau
Choirs by: Neshamah, Led by Itzik Filmer
Drums: Avi Mizrahi
Guitars: Yonatan Porat
Saxophone: Avrumi Kletzkin
Strings: Pavel Levine
Sound & Lighting: Yeshayahu Bakerman
Video Production: Nati Elbar
Filmed & Edited by: Nachman & Nati Elbar
Mix: Chaim Mosses
Cover Artwork, NY Marketing & Social Media by: ArrangeIt.Media
DB Video: David Hershkowitz – 3DHdesigns.com

Thank you Feivish Mechelowitz

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