A New Song By Singer & Composer Chaim Nachman – Rak Tavo

by yossi | October 25, 2020 1:01 pm

Lubavitcher singer and composer, Chaim Nachman is happy to present his second single.

Rak Tavo is a prayer song filled of live and energy that addresses every Jew.

This song was written shortly after the release of Chiam’s first single Harabi Mavtiach/The Rebbe Promises which was released during the first wave of the Corona virus and became a famous and successful song with hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

Chaim Nachman (28) was grown in a musical home. His father, Daniel Ben Simian is the owner of a famous recording studio that is well known by the top frum chasidic musicians.

Chaim Nachman is known to the public by his special and unique style of singing, that combine authentic and chasidic massage with modern and upbeat music.
He writes his songs together with his wife, then composes and produces them by himself.

Musical arrangement: Motti K
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Singing and voices production: David Taub
Mix and mastering: Yaniv Balass
Script, direction and video editing: Sruli Broncher
PR: Mendy Kurant

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