New Song & Music Video from Hillel Kapnick – “You Made My Life”

by yossi | September 1, 2021 12:01 pm

Rav Shlomo’s eyes lit up as he turned to his talmid and proclaimed, “You’ve made my day!”
“Rebbi,” the talmid replied, “you’ve made my life!”

He trained to be a star athlete on the sandlots of Brooklyn.
He grew to be a star Rosh yeshiva in the hallowed walls of the Beis midrash. In this song, Rabbi Nachman Rothenberg introduces us to his illustrious father, the late Rav Shlomo Rothenberg. As a young boy, Rav Shlomo (then Stevie) was a rising sports star. He played basketball to the roar of cheering crowds at Madison Square Garden, and competed against some of the most famous athletes of the time. Yet despite it all, his unquenchable spiritual thirst led him to bask in the holiness of Torah giants such as Rav Avigdor Miller and Rav Yehuda Davis, and become an extraordinary Gadol in his own right.
Though his official position was that of a Rebbi, and then Rosh Yeshiva, at Yeshiva Zichron Mayir of Mountaindale, Rav Shlomo was so much more than that. To his talmidim, he was an impactful Rebbi, a caring father, and a best friend all at once. Indeed, his giant heart overflowing with love (both for his Creator and his fellow) moved him to devote his life to uplifting and helping every Jew he encountered.
Come feel the warmth of Rav Shlomo‘s smile, the love in his trademark bear-hug, and the inspiration in the lessons he imparted.

Written & Composed By Rabbi Nachman Rothenberg & Hillel Kapnick
Produced By: Hillel Kapnick
Production Assistance: Baruch Naftel – Lazer Productions
Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)
Mixed By: Aryeh Kunstler
Choirs: Yonah Laster, Baruch Naftel, & Hillel Kapnick
Video Produced By: Yonatan Vinnik
Filmed @ Uptop Studios & The Mountaindale Yeshiva
Cover Design: Yonah Laster
“You Made My Life” Published By: Israel Bookshop Publications
(Available for Purchase Here – https://www.israelbookshoppublication…)

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