A New Song From Moti Weiss “Al Aba Lo Shoalim Shaeilot”

by yossi | April 7, 2022 1:01 pm

After the songs ‘Machshavot Tovot,’ ‘Kā€™tanot Shebaktanot‘ and ‘Lichvod Shabbat Kodesh‘ for which received he much praise, it was time for Moti Weiss to release a new song in honor of Yom Tov.

The song is written from a story based on the well-known custom in which the Seder Practices all sorts of strange acts to get children to ask questions. The song is a discourse between the grandfather’s son Reb Anshil and his grandson.

I first heard the story from my friend and co-creator Reb Shmuel Greenman And from there things rolled into a new creation

I know you invest a lot of hours in your work! And I really appreciate it!!!

Listening willow!
And a kosher and happy Passover

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