Smokey Hill Inspiring Heimeshe Kumzitz For Aseres Yemei Tshuva

by yossi | September 21, 2023 2:07 pm

Recently, Smokey Hill owner and pitmaster, Hillel Braun, asked his son a question. “What’s a good way to bring people in to the restaurant before the high holidays, when people are too busy to really go out to eat?” The response was, “ Why don’t you do live music?”
Initially, Hillel thought it’s not really the right time for something like that. However, after thinking it over, he thought it’s actually perfect. Why not bring the atmosphere of an inspiring kumzitz to inspire people? Tonight is the perfect time to do so. That is how the concept of this Aseres Yemei Teshuva Heimishe Kumzits and Hisorerious was created. Hillel hopes that his idea will inspire many to feel “hamelech basadeh” while enjoying a delicious meal of a Leil shishi before Yom Kippur.

Hillel reached out to local singer, musician and kumzitser, the multi talented Motti Feldman, to join them tonight in Smokey Hill for an inspiring kumzits. Tonight only starting at 8:30pm, enjoy a deep soul stirring evening with some amazingly tasty food including some special Leil Shishi specials including; Smokey Hill’s famous Smoked Cholent.

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