The New Single From Eliyahu Chait “Hamavdil”

by yossi | August 27, 2022 8:44 pm

Less than two months after releasing the song ‘Emuna Pshutah‘, the singer and composer Eliyahu Chait releases a new single, ‘Hamavdil‘, the first of three songs that will be published in the coming days, which he composed with magic and a special interpretation of the words from the well-known poem from Shabbat night, with the arrangement by Jack Shore.

Eliyahu Chait: “Hamavdil is one of the most special songs for me, I remember the moment I saw this special piyot, the words really touched me, I pulled out the guitar and it just flowed. I hope that the song will help people to distinguish between the holy and the profane that is found in others and especially in themselves.”

Lyrics: from a verse of Motzei Shabbat (Little Yitzchak)
Composer: Eliyahu Chait
Musical arrangement and production: Jack Shore and Eliyahu Chait

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