Singers Join In The Celebration of Rav Kook: Meshorer Ha’Teshuva

by yossi | August 24, 2017 10:55 am

Meshorer Ha’Teshuva – the new song that has been released in honor of the Hillula of R’ Kook ZT”L, brings together some of the best artists in Jewish music; Yosef Karduner, Chaim Dovid Sarachek, and the dynamic brother duo of Shlomo and Eitan Katz. The song is also especially appropriate for the upcoming month of Elul and the days of Slichos that are upon us.

In celebration of the 60th birthday of R’ Moshe Weinberger, the Rav of the Aish Kodesh shul in New York and the Mashpia at Yeshiva University in New York, these singers and friends, who are also his students, got together to surprise him for a special birthday present.

The lyrics for the song were taken from the Torah of R’ Avraham Yitzchak Ha’Kohen Kook ZT”L, whose 82nd Yahrtzeit is this week, on 3 Elul. Shlomo Katz composed the song, and said that this is the first thing that R’ Weinberger taught him from the Torahs of R’ Kook, and it is especially poignant for these days of Rachamim and Slichos now that we have reached Elul.

Shlomo says, “In each and every one of us is a special instrument, a violin, a guitar, or a drum. Sometimes it takes a while from the moment we start swimming in the sea of Teshuva, until we learn how to play our instrument. At the start you can’t hear anything, but at the moment that the Teshuva begins to touch the strings of your heart, the Niggun that begins playing in our hearts, turns our whole world upside down and inspires the rest of the world too.

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