Simche Friedman Surprises With “The First Rashi”

by yossi | October 12, 2020 8:54 am

Chassidic singer Simche Friedman presents his tenth single: a sweeping and moving musical work, with a Hassidic flavor and “a taste of yesteryear”, built on the first words of Rashi on the Torah.

The song – composed by Friedman and expertly arranged by Yoeli Dickman, begins in cantorial style with Reb Yitzchak’s question, continues with the Gentile accusation “You have robbed us!”, and ends with a resounding rendering of the indisputable answer: “The Earth belongs to G-d, who took the Land from them and gave it to us”!

The First Rashi – another unique musical gem from Simche Friedman. Take a deep breath and embark on an extended (6 minute) extraordinary musical journey!

Cover painting: Chani Pugatch

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